My Projects

JWST programs I'm leading with public data:

  • GO 1433 (PI Coe) studying the z=11 candidate for most distant galaxy known: MACS0647-JD

    • 2022 Sep 22 – Nov 13: NIRCam

    • 2023 Jan 4 – 12: NIRSpec + NIRCam

  • GO 2282 (PI Coe) studying the most highly magnified galaxy known in the first billion years at z=6:
    the "Sunrise Arc" (Welch et al. 2022b) including the lensed star Earendel (Welch et al. 2022a)

other JWST programs I'm involved in:

  • GTO 1176 and 2738 "PEARLS" (PI Rogier Windhorst) observing 7 galaxy clusters (among other things)

  • GO 2561 "UNCOVER" (PI Ivo Labbe; Co-PI Rachel Bezanson) obtaining the deepest JWST data on any galaxy cluster in Cycle 1


"JWST Cycle 1 Science Sampler: One of the First Galaxies, Magnified by a Cosmic Lens"
for a general audience: Powerpoint / PDF / video (28 minutes in) - Nov 1, 2021

"JWST Cycle 1 Observations of Strongly Lensed High-Redshift Galaxies"
at SAZERAC 2.0 for high-redshift astronomers: Powerpoint / video - June 13, 2021