JWST data simulations

Simulated JWST data: https://www.stsci.edu/jwst/science-planning/proposal-planning-toolbox/simulated-data

Simulated extragalactic blank field images:

My plan below is to simulate:

  • cluster lensing field with MIRAGE:

I plan to provide Python notebooks to go from:

HST imaging –> JWST simulated data (NIRCam + NIRSpec)

HST images

  • HST catalog notebook (Astropy.photutils)

  • Sersic fits notebook (Astropy.modeling)

  • HST SED fitting + photo-z notebook (BAGPIPES, BPASS, CLOUDY)

Additional simulated galaxies (fainter / higher redshift than found in HST images)

JWST data

JWST data analysis

JWST results

  • Detection completeness

  • Photometric redshifts

  • Stellar masses, ages, etc.

  • Luminosity functions